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As a yoga instructor, I aim to help students connect to their personal power, in both body and mind, to create the life of their dreams.


I received my 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training certification from CorePower Yoga – West Loop, Chicago in April 2018, and was so excited about teaching that I continued on and took the CorePower Extensions Program gaining 50 additional hours of teaching education. I immediately began teaching all-level vinyasa style classes for ChiroOne Wellness Center – West Loop, Chicago and with Bridgeport Community Yoga.

Yoga Biography:

Crow Pose at the beginning of the Sentiero Degli Dei, Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Yoga has changed my life. More accurately, I would say it has rewired my brain. Which, in turn, has changed how I live my life.

Truth be told, I hated yoga when I first tried it in college. But, over the years, I found I was happier on days that I practiced than on days that I didn’t. I thought to myself, I could use some more happy in my life, who couldn’t?

When I committed to an intense daily vinyasa practice, my heart and mind opened up to an entire new world of possibility. And while I am busy creating my dream life and am still living into all of those possibilities, and while not every day is easy, I trust that this practice will always tip the scales in my favor.

Traveling through Tuscany in October 2018. San Gimignano, Italy.

Some random tidbits about me:

I love to travel. I love to create things. I care deeply about the environment and my community. I struggle to stay grounded sometimes. Hiking helps me find my footing and brings a smile to my face. I love Sherlock Holmes. Popcorn is my favorite snack. I have a long travel bucket list. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my partner and our dog.


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